About Us

 A little history....

The Chief Flight Instructor for the company, Mr. Randy Rauck, has been flying and training people how to fly from the same aerodrome / Flight Park, off and on, since 1976 when Saddle Mountain Soaring School became one of the first certified Hang Gliding Schools in Canada.

In 1978, Canadian Ultralight Aircraft Ltd. was opened here and became one of the first Certified Ultralight Schools in Canada and the very first Ultralight float based school in Canada.

Canadian Ultralight Aircraft also mounted and tested the first Rotax engine installations with Ron Shettler and then became the first authorized Rotax engine dealer for Ron after he secured the North American distributorship for the engines use with Ultralights in 1978.

Randy has accumulated over 1000 hours in Hang Gliders and over 1000 Ultralight Aircraft hours on wheels, floats and snow skis.
He is also a current licensed private pilot with a night rating and has logged over 750 hours on many different Cessna's, Pipers's and homebuilts.

The location...

The semi arid climate of the Okanagan Valley area is ideal for soaring Hang Gliders, Paragliders, Ultralight Sail Planes, Sailplanes Motor Gliders and flying Ultralights.

The Lumby Valley is known by many pilots the world over as a great place to get high and race around triangle courses because of the excellent consistent lift and generally low valley winds.

The town of Lumby has been host to more than 10 national soaring championships over the years.
The valleys many beautiful lakes, and beaches and warm summer temperatures offer a seductive attraction for float plane pilots of all types.

About the company...

Raven Aviation Ltd. are dealers for Rotax engines and parts, Wills Wing Hang Gliders, Parachutes, Harnesses, Helmets, North Wing Hang Gliders, North Wing motorized trikes, Rotax engines, GSC propellers, Icom radios and usually have a good supply of used Hang Gliders and various Ultralights on consignment for quick sale.  In 2012, we became the only Canadian Distributor for Second Chantz ballistic parachutes offering sales and repacking services.

Freedom Flight Park has several private Ultralight runways over 1000 feet and a new 2000 foot private main runway. This allows more options for Scooter Towing and Aero Towing and better landings for amphibious and aerobatic aircraft on the new improved grass strip.

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